When Truth of Scholar is Bastardized to make the Foundation of Egyptology, Imperialism & Racism

Ancient Times by James Hebert Breasted first Edition 1914

Ancient Times (https://www.amazon.com/Ancient-times-History-Early-World/dp/1548668060)

*As the world sits and watches the current Administration of the United Sates operate in a system based on lies, cover ups and deceptions, we realize the persons who perpetrate this behavior expect TRUTH SEEKERS and the rest of us who defend Truth to believe them. ( Be-a-Lie) are perfect tools to condition a mind to accept then racism which is a fear based mentality, and guess what Most of us have in fact taken these falsehoods as facts into our minds,not realizing the harm its done to us plus the victims the lies are used upon. This has fueled the current rise of racism all over the world thats coming to a head because it puts us all in danger.Enough is enough.

*In the early 1900’s a James Henry Breasted, the Founder of Oriental Studies at the University of Chicago and Author of the first edition of “Ancient Times” described in truth and perfection the people’s of the foundation of mans factual truths in the Nile Valley and the Great Dynasty of Ancient Khemet, KMT, Kemet now known as Luxor. John Rockefeller was a lover of his works and in about 1919 offered a 1.5 million donation to J.Breasted for his foundation with a condition he remove all truthful reference and descriptions of melinated man and give all this History ( His Story) over to the Great White Race of the MiddleEast (another false place to support a racist agenda and you cant a continent for on any map). By the second edition factual historical data was flipped into HISTORY, and the new factual basis of Egyptology wheels became accepts as truth

*Children have beautiful minds which not have time to be conditioned to lies unless there origins happen to be into a fear based dysfunctional family. I loved ready from an early age and was always encouraged towards critical thinking so when started school i was a handful for many teachers who expected us to just accept what the history books taught. Very soon in my learning process i started to question things that made zero sense to me. Like the people responsible for and the title holders of a great civilization building right in the middle of foreign lands not theirs.

*Why would they not build this great civilization in there own lands? Plus why would they build it in a environmentally unfriendly place to their skin and risk skin burn? And why had not anyone translated the symbols and their language? Why did most images of Ancient times not look like my teacher? Why were some facial features destroyed or damaged? The images in fact looked like many of my family members. When I’d speak up in class , my inquiry was dismissed and I silenced along with any other classmate regardless of their ethnic origin. We would be tagged as trouble makers, they gave in, but I persisted until my mother was called into the principals office to advise her I was disrupting class. Mom didn’t buy this but her hands were tied so she said just to keep my questions for her as we reviewed my homework.

Below is from an article by Lindsay J. Ambridge

University of Michigan

James Henry Breasted (1865–1935), founder of the Oriental Institute at the University of 

Chicago, was a prolifc writer of popularizing books on the ancient Near East. This article

Presents a critical analysis and historical contextualization of one of his most widely read books:

 Ancient times, a History of the Early World, was published as a high school textbook in 1916 and revised in 1935, it serves as a reference point from which to investigate the effects of political and cultural variables on ancient historiography.

This next and ending part of this article is a real smooth way of not being able to be direct and just come out and speak against the evils of racism and greed.

Changes between the frst and second editions of the book indicate that Breasted increasingly relied on scientifc vocabulary to map the geo-racial boundaries of early civilization. Combining this with a model of enlightened exploitation, Breasted constructed a vision of the ancient past that was ultimately a commentary on the socio-

political conditions of his own time.

Temple Meena Valley of Nobles

Fast forward in this rebellious student life and she finds herself on the West Banks of the Nile In Valley of Nobles about to enter her first Tomb of a Royal Noble. I had herd one of the most well preserved Ancient art was in this temple. So this is where I started:


Valley of Nobles KMT

I was not prepared for the onslaught of the release of the lies which I had been taught in school now standing where our people had as Royalty and Nobles, not slaves. What an unexpected joy and life changing at that moment. I didn’t even realize years were flowing until my companion came to wipe my tears and encouraged me to take photos be damm the sign outside posted saying NO PHOTOS. Why, so you can’t go back and erase the lies we are taught?

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Noble Sheikess Ali

Ancient Khemet KMT

Valley of Nobles


Grief Support


• When people #transition it’s difficult sometimes to know what to say to others in offering grief support. All you are left with so often is to just in your own way, pray their pain eases.

• At times like this it’s a good thing I love books. Time to read and take the mind away from things and time which can bring sadness. A good book to offer as a gift is On #Death and Dying# below. Of course here in #Kemet the teaching about Transitioning is diffidently different from what conventional modern day religion teaches.

• I think the world 🌍 is going through and awareness shift now too about these #grunge governments# and start to realize appreciation for being #self governing#.

On Death and Dying

#griefsupport #grunge #ilovebooks #pray

Beautiful Tribal Woman

The Afar Women of Ethiopia

Afar women often have intricate frizzed and braided hairstyles, and wear bright coloured bead necklaces, heavy earrings and brass anklets. Many #Afar women#cover their heads in public. This helps ward off the relentless sun. At the same time, the vast majority of Afar are Muslim. Despite Afar’s ancient trade links with the Christian highlands to the west, Islam was widely practiced in the region as early as the 13th century. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS


As a sign of tradition and beauty, many sharpen their teeth. I also wanted to take a moment here to share a delightful fictional book with you to enjoy! I highly recommend it!

‘Afar’at Amazon

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Reprinted by Aminah Ali

9/2019 Noble Valley, Kemet

Self Identified

Self Identified

Aminah Suha Ali: 67% #Autochthonous Indigenous Aboriginal of al-Magreb al- Aqsa#

When you have historical, archeological, and scientific #proof of who you are#,you hold imperial lawful title to #substantiate your landlord/owner status of the land#. #Adjectives like Black, White, Afro-American, Colored, Negro, do not properly identify# a hue man and hold no lawful title. #Nouns do hold title#and are the subjects to rights. There is no excuse for ignorance of the law. #Self identify#,#Know who you are and Proclaim#.

A. Ali


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Forked Tongue over Stolen Lands

When your original #intention is to steal #Original #Mans #Estate ( his lands) and #Historical #Facts, you need to have in place a plan which will justify those evil actions and forever cover your tracks. But the land is forever changing and #revealing #truth.

The first thing which was done and one of the most damaging aspects, was to speak with a fork tongue and tell lies. Your new on the scene and you don’t want want the #Heirs of the Lands to know your true intentions. So you try to impress them with lies all the while you are recording their blue print of historical facts and locking this information away to claim it as your own. You re-engineer and place the Truths into many secret societies along with #Myths then use teach the myths #World #Wide.

Once this is done you then make a plan to discredit much of the information you have gathered as being evil, savage or dangerous along with its people. The conqueror , then makes ‘Creators and Heirs’, of the land savage and less than human, and tag them with degrading terms, so they will be feared and hated world wide.

blacks, black Americans, black Africans, Afro-Americans, negros, colored, bi-racial, mixed, half-half…… the list goes on

So if you can be convinced to self identify as a #lapel placed upon you and not state your Nations by blood and your #tribe, your saying you don’t know who or what you are and are an #orphan or a ‘#ward’ of nation or state.

Know who You Are

My roots. #Autochthonous #Aboriginal;
Africa. Nubian, Nigerian, SenGambian, Ghana, Muskogee Creek, Chickasaw, Powhatan, Nasemond, Blackfoot,

Northern European; Irish, German, British French

Words have power and #jurisdiction over you and can be used to effectively take away your rights. Once this is in place they went about #destroying #indigenous mans mind by convincing even him he know not his #Creator and produced one a false God, governing powers and spiritual belief systems in his image, that promised #salvation from #oppression through continual praying to. But one problem….

Lies Fall to Eternal Truths

You may get away with this for some time but the #Universe will uncover and expose you. That’s what’s going on now in the present Troubled World which was created. It was created by man and not nature so his cover will eventually erode and the #Earth will reveal her Truths to all man, #regardless of his #mental #condition of telling lies or believing ( be- a lie ) them. This is #Eternal Truth time on Earth so we heirs of the same mind and heart can save this beautiful Estate we were given by the ‘One’. Games up. The Truth has arrived to lead the Lies out of the building!

The only problem is …

Being #brainwashed generation after generations, when you see and hear truth, often you don’t care not to you think this is real truth. This is very #dangerous, and we see the effects of this everyday, especially in the United States. A system is in place which as failed to help the people. It’s time to face truth and answer that inner call. From it’s inception the Unites states was never set up to welcome or benefit anyone of ethnic origins. How about the ‘White only’, syndrome? And making a place of privilege life for Whites only? We the descendants of African Ancients and then the indigenous aboriginals of America have suffered our own holocaust and then through spiritual and mental abuse on top oh being hated works wide.

Earth Reveals our Truths

The earth right on time is revealing her truths to us so we may rightfully reclaim our estate. We the rightful heirs should be the most well off but instead we have allowed ourselves to be come oppressed by colonizing Powers’s both in America and #African Lands. It’s time to rise up and Reclaim our inheritance in all lands and stop the sick dis ease of color and oppression. We must stop 🛑 and realize we face tragic killings in America and mass theft of wealth in Afrika everyday. But now which the truth in hand, we must use this to empower ourselves with that power and heal this earth of the hate that threatens all life. We each chose how we each fight our battles and I have chosen to Proclaim who I am by the Creators Law in a peaceful way, to come back and Proclaim who I am, secure my Estate and share TRUTH via this blog with you. Remember the Truth does set you and others of like mind and Herat free! All you need is that spark 💡, something to make the light go off to encourage and inspire you to move forward. I will share some sparks of mine below.

The Sparks

Reading Material :
How can my people have such a millions of year past but some do not?

Ice Man Inheritance

By Michael Bradley

They Came before Columbus

The Journey of Man a Genetic Odyssey

A wonderful web site which is under fire 🔥 by the occupation powers , is Real History dot com. You know it’s good when they get attacked💪🏾 Due diligence is
needed to heal from all the lies told. So study study study! But check back often to follow in the pathway to ReclaimAfrika the center core, which speaks to your soul. Peace and Love

That DNA Test


I had since I can remember, dreams about what we call the ‘Motherland’. Those dreams increased when Mom brought home editions of National Geographic magazines. I thrilled and feed my imagination about living in Ancient Times and being able to translate those mysterious hieroglyphs, imagining myself walking through the grand Temples that were displayed on the glossy pages.


Then in The fall of 2010, a cousin who worked at the new 23&Me DNA labs sent me a kit to have me DNA analyzed I jumped at the opportunity. Early 2011 my results started to come in. The full #DNA profile test was done, so I got both medical and ethnic information. Was I ever amazed and excited! #dnatest Would the test back up the information my mother and father had given me about our #NativeAmerican ancestry? I would soon find out as I unlocked my medical findings and read about my ‘family matches’, and find others who had done the test and matched to me.

It really opened my spirit unlocked my dreams. I had manifested the truth of who I was at last. Further study of #historical #facts and my family’s #genealogy 📖 over the past eight years has revealed my #Autochthonous connection to the lands of America and Africa along with other lands.

#Muskogee Creek, #Chickasaw, #Algonquin , #Powhatan, #Blackfoot, #Wasco, the America Native Ties

#Nubian, #Senegalese, #Nigerian and #Ghanian, the Afrikan. Even India and South Asia.

Northern Europe also made up a large Portion: #Irish, #British, #French and #German.

Hidden Truths

It’s been a long but very uplifting and rewarding journey. In these times, man has lost the most important keys of keeping himself and mind uplifted by ‘knowing thyself.’

It sets your #spiritfree and mind free when you know what makes you – you. It gives you power over your health and well being. You then become the captain of your spiritual vessel, your body. I come from women who were #healers and I follow their path-way to heal and maintain my body, mind and spirit.

I am the #elder now in the family, so I do care about being around as long as possible to help others, uplift who I am and be able and share the #abundance of love which resides in my 💜 . Also that word we use, ‘Free’. I have now indeed achieved this elusive word we use. I am free in knowing what makes me- me.

North East Africa not the Middle East

I will never forget months later the feelings which overwhelmed me as I looked over the desert as the plane landed and I saw the beautiful landscape. It was breathtaking and something touched me deep inside and the tears flowed. I was home.

Within months I was in Aswan with my Kenzie Tribe in Nubian Village. The elders there welcomed me, their ‘lost child home’ and blessed me with oils and perfume #nubianstyle. I was back to the beginning origins of my DNA and it was a wonderful feeling. I walked a through Temple of Isis ruins while I was there in Aswan, which was very suiting since the essence of me begins there. I still had to make my journey into Temples when I returned to Back to Kemet aka Luxor.

Phalie Temple Aswan
Temple Phalie
Temple Phalie

Temple Auset was renamed Isis/Phalie by the Greeks

After my visit to Aswan it was back to Kemet to explore the beautiful Temples. My family in Aswan treated my hands In their style with henna so I would be ready when I made my first stop at Hatshepsut Temple.

My hand touches Horus at Hatshepsut Temple.

After my visit to Hatshepsut I was hooked. I made my way to Madinat Habu, Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple and combed Noble Valley. Each trip erased many lies I had been told in school andvin history books about our ‘slaves’ presence in The Moabite/Kushite Empire. Far far from truth. We were Kings and Queens, doctors, scientists, artists, builders and not to mention agricultural geniuses. I felt new and #renewed with each visit to a ancient ruin. Not only did it touch my heart, it also made me angry about the lies which still to this day are being taught, and the phycological damage it does to everyone. Theft of History. Which reminds me to now go back and think about the things my mother did to prepare me for this journey back to #reclaim that which is a light in my soul.

Hatshepsut Temple
Luxor Temple
Madinat Habu Mortuary Temple

Mamas Foresight prepared me

I am so glad back in the 60’s my mother had the foresight and wisdom to have me join her in the #interracial #dialogue monthly meetings with various community educators, spiritual and political leaders in Seattle, Washington. This was to help end racism. What stands out most now in my mind, is the gentleman who spoke about the future climate of violence that would become a reality inside the United States and why this would happen. He was so on point, considering what the current situation is in America. We all live together and must #cultivate an atmosphere of love and #unity and #endhate.

When the Constitution was written that we have the right to protect our family and loved ones the available weapons then were not ones that were designed to kill mass numbers of people at once. These type of weapons were designed for ‘ war zones’ and not our ‘peaceful homelands’. But way back in the 60’s, we were warned that those persons who call themselves ‘white’ and erroneously ‘the superior race ‘ would realize their numbers were dwindling and would become the minority, that mass panic would #trigger the deep seeded racism in their minds and #violence would erupt if steps were not taken.

Have we waited to late? Why do many turned their heads and close their minds when we allow our children to be taught racist lies in school? We fail all by not teaching true history of this country. This has become a breeding ground for those who hate of others who look different than you. This is why today, Indigenous aboriginal man, the real founding fore fathers are being gunned down daily.

• Perhaps the only thing to do is everyone bear arms. Maybe then they will realize the fear and hate haters are the authors of . In the meantime I want to spend my twilight years in Peace not in a war zone. This earth belongs ‘Man of color’, and it also should belong to ALL those who only live by Truth, Love, Peace Justice and freedom for all hue mans.

Peace and Love✨💜✨

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